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Country house in Berkshire

The client's original brief was to re-design the living room to give a classic contemporary look and to increase the visibility of the beautiful country views - the original windows only gave a glimpse of what lay beyond.

We installed a complete wall of architectural glass to really capitalise on this stunning view.
The client was persuaded to open up the kitchen to create an open plan living, dining and kitchen resulting in the family being able to enjoy the view more of the time.
It would have been such a shame to restrict this view to just when sitting in the living room; now from morning to night the countryside is there to be enjoyed.

We took the theme of nature in the choice of natural materials and fabric designs to create a harmonious contemporary take on a traditional theme. The only item that remained from the original room was the Aga; we incorporated that into the overall design.

We installed underfloor heating and a new lighting design. We collaborated with a master joiner to create a bespoke kitchen and feature display unit around the new wood burning stove. The bespoke dining table, chairs and bar stools were commissioned to ensure that they slotted into the overall design perfectly.

Great care was taken to ensure that the room ‘flowed’ seamlessly via flush flooring and decking levels into the garden. This gives the room an feeling of endless space and looks wonderful through all the seasons.

We are very happy that we were able to achieve this beautiful result; a joy to work on but we have to admit to having a huge helping hand from ‘Mother Nature’.

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